Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Thoughts on an expected death

A few days ago a respected academic in a local university passed away after a struggle with cancer. That started many of us thinking about life, achievements, and what is really important. Some feel that it is important to have good health and to take care of ourselves. Some feel that it is important to make some important achievements before death, be an Einstien or someone like that. Some feel that achievements in research and academics in general is not as important as human relationships, family and friends. Some feel that when one dies, everything is finished and nothing remains.

I think that life goes on after death, perhaps in a different form. If not, than life is this world has no lasting meaning. An early death is no different from death at old age. A life without achievement is no different from a life with lasting achievements. For life to have meaning and hope, it must be long lasting in some way.

Is it just wishful thinking?