Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Life as a Spiral

Thirty-two years ago I went to university in the USA. This year my eldest daughter is going to university in the USA. I am missing her even before she leaves, and I am sure I will miss her even more when she actually leaves – if that is possible. I am now beginning to appreciate what my parents must have felt all those years ago. And my respect for my parents grows deeper day after day.

It seems life is running in circles. But 10 days ago my daughter was baptized, and I was overjoyed. I went to the USA many years ago as the only believer in my family. Now we are all praying for my elder brother who is still holding out. So, as I told my daughter, life is more like a spiral - there is progress in repetition, even if it is repetitious.


The Cat said...

That was such a touching picture. However, spiral sounds so... negative, though -- maybe it's all the "spiraling down", "caught in a spiral" sayings.

StephenC said...

To me, spiraling is neutral. It can go up, or down. It is up to us to make it go up.