Monday, July 30, 2007

Our airport

My trip to Hubei yielded some unexpected side benefits, including some of these pictures taken from the plane as it took off from the Hong Kong airport. After flying over the sea to the West, it circled back and I suddenly found myself overlooking the airport. And unusually for Hong Kong, it was a clear sunny day.


The Cat said...

I managed to get a picture of Macau airport when I was returning to HK today. I'll give it to you and you can post them side by side :-D.

Anonymous said...

The plane took off from runway 25L and then made a left turn for the departure to the mainland =)
you took a MU A320/A319 to Hubei?

StephenC said...

Hey, who is this guy? How do you know? Are you an air traffic controller or something? :)

The plane passed by Tai O, made a big left turn, flew over Shek Pik Reservoir, and then passed over the airport, Tuen Mun, Shenzhen, ... I was amazed.

Anonymous said...

i am not a ATC. I was one of your student of the OO subject and I have tried the cadet pilot programme of CX but failed in the second interview..:<