Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have seen lots and lots of sea birds on the Pacific coast of California in the past several days. Particularly seagulls and pelicans. They are so elegant. They can go wherever they want, and see things from a completely different angle. It is no wonder men would want to imitate them. And indeed men have been trying to truly fly for a long long time.

But how did the first bird came up with the idea of flying, if God had not made it to fly in the first place? It was imaginative enough for men to want to fly after seeing flying birds. But the first bird had not seen anything flying yet. How did the idea of flying came up?


Grant said...

Dr. Chan, did you got my mail? I've sent it to your COMP account. Sorry to disturb you.

Gao FS

Anna Sung said...

Flying is an act to overcome gravity. When people always think things only frop down, God tells people that in him, anything is possible. See, birds can fly high in the sky.

I am very happy to see birds flying in the sky. I will be charged with hope and faith, to believe one day I will be lifted high by God and go away from my sorrows.

StephenC said...

With airplanes and rockets, man can fly. But in an awkward, brute force way. Nowhere as graceful as a bird, under its own power.

Yes, I long for the day we can fly high, free from sorrows and worries.