Friday, May 21, 2010

Blood donation, again

It has been 3 months already since I last donated blood, so I went back two days ago. It turned out the timing was just right - I went to the USA for a conference in early April. Because there was some kind of infectious fever in the USA, I have to wait for a month after visiting the USA before I can donate blood.

Despite having donated 40+ times, I am still apprehensive of the needle. But once it went in, with a little pinch, I felt perfectly fine. It was a tiny little bit unsettling to watch my own blood flowing through the little plastic tube. But it is mightily satisfying to think that it would be used to help someone in need.

5 minutes later, it is done. A few hours later, the only physical evidence that remains is a tiny little mark on my right arm. The good feeling, however, lasts much longer.

Some of my students (girls) have started to donate regularly. I remember myself starting to do that when I was their age. I pray that they stay with it through their lives. I think they will. They are kind and compassionate.

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