Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cambodian Service-Learning - Children of Rhenish School 禮賢之家的孩子

At the Rhenish Homes, we also try to teach the children digital story telling with image theatre.   We asked them to make poses to present an idea or a situation, taught them to use a digital camera to take photographs, load the photographs into a computer, edit the photograph, print them out, and put in the words to complete the stories.  在禮賢之家,我們教孩子們用形象戲劇的方法講數碼故事。我們教他們擺一個姿勢表現一個情景, 拿數碼照相機拍一個照片,把照片下載到電腦,編輯,打印,加上文字變成故事。

Most of the children have never seen or used a digital camera nor a computer before.  They are very excited using the equipment.  They are very smart and learn quickly.  They are also very well-behaved.  They do not fight to play with the camera or computer, even though it was clear they all would love to use the camera and computer. 

They let us visitors take our food first.  They pile our bowls with food.  They clear the table and wash the dishes after meals.  They play soccer and other games with gusto.  They ask me whether I am a Christian before I have a chance to talk to them about faith.  Many of them had very tough lives before.  Here they are being loved, and they are learning how to love. 

They are just lovely children.  They make you want to hug them and play with them and teach them.  They make us want to go back to see them. 

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