Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Son and his Father

Son: “Father, stop drinking and eating and gambling with our family’s money.  We need the money for food.”

Father (beating up son): “You insubordinate son!  How dare you talk to me like that.  Go to the little closet and don’t come out until I say you can.”

Son: “Father, we don’t have enough to eat, and we cannot go to school because we cannot pay the school fees.  It is not right that you enjoy yourself while your children suffer.  You have to stop doing that.”

Father (angrily): “You are bad-mouthing me.  You are trying to destroy my authority.  Keep doing it and you will never come out of that little closet.  I don’t care even if you get sick and die.”

Neighbour (hearing the commotion): “Mr. Hu, please stop beating up your children.”

Father: “He should be punished because he is disobedient.  And you.  Why are you interfering with my family’s affairs?  You should mind your own business.”

Neighbour: “But your son is right. You shouldn’t take your family’s money for your own enrichment, while they go hungry.  And you should not beat him up and confine him.”

Father (getting agitated): “Stop it.  You have no right to criticize me.”

Neighbour (loudly to the whole neighbourhood): “Mr. Hu’s son is a brave young man.  He should be commended for standing up to his tyrannical father.  Even though he is under extremely unreasonable pressure, he does not resort to violence.  He is really a man of peace.  He deserves our support!” 

Father (angrily): “Stop it!  You are being disrespectful.  You are criticizing me only because you are envious of my success.  You are damaging our relationship.  You are not my friend anymore.”


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