Friday, September 09, 2011

Cats of Israel

Before I went to Israel, I was told there were lots of cats there.  Indeed there were!   There was, of course, this cute black cat in Jaffa.   There was also this lazy cat in Capernaum, hiding under a church built on top of supposedly Peter’s home, where Jesus healed Peter’s mother-in-law. 

It did not even move one whisker when I poked my camera practically right into its nose.    

The first evening we were in Jerusalem, my wife and I were walking back to the hotel when we were startled by sharp squeals.  It turned out a black-and-white cat was being chased by a white-and-yellow cat.  Even when the B&W fled to the other side of the street, the W&Y would not quit.  

Even when the B&W ran and ran and finally stopped in a flower bed to catch a breath, it turned and looked backwards with perked-up ears. 

There was this one on the Via Dolorosa, which checked out the scene around the corner wearily before walking out under the sun. 

And then there was this one with gummed-up eyes at a kibbutz hotel, eating a cheese sandwich.  The life of a cat in Israel is not necessarily easy. 

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