Sunday, February 12, 2012

Jeremy Lin - 17

Type “jeremy” on Google and the first search term the Google suggests is “jeremy lin”.  In fact, you just need to type “j”, and Google suggests “jeremy lin harvard” and “jeremy lin nba”. That said it all. 

Jeremy Lin is a sensation.  He is a basketball player who plays for the New York Knicks in the NBA.  He was an unknown.  Then in the past week, he scared 25 points, 28 points, 23 points in successive wins.  In the last game on Friday, he scored 38 points in a win over the LA Lakers led by Kobe Bryant. 

He graduated from Harvard.  He is an Asian American born in the USA to immigrants from Taiwan.  And he is a Christian.  Amazing, isn’t it?

Just one more:  He wears the number 17, the same number that I wore playing soccer in the intra-mural league in our university.  Our team won the intra-mural championship twice in a row.  I can’t play basketball, but I wish him well. 

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