Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ShaTauKok 沙頭角

On Sunday, while 0.017% of Hongkongers played their role in revealing the (designated) next chief executive of Hong Kong, I went on a mini-exploration with my family.  We went to the formerly-closed area (邊境禁區) in ShaTauKok.  

Essentially, the closed area at the border between Hong Kong and the mainland had been reduced in size, and the checkpoint marking the entrance to the closed area had been pushed back a couple of kilometers at ShaTauKok.  Unfortunately, ShaTauKok town center and the famous Chung Yin Street (中英街) are still closed.

The bus 78K from SheungShui and FanLing actually goes to the ShaTauKok town center in the closed area.  But we have to get off at the check point, since we did not have the permit to enter the still-closed area.

We walked around the villages and checked out some of the houses and fields.  We then hiked up the hill skirting the closed area.  The area to the right of our hiking trail is ShaTauKok town centre which is still closed.  And farther to the right is YanTian 鹽田, one of the districts of Shenzhen 深圳.  That is part of mainland China.  

Up on the hill we found some trenches and bunkers from the Second World War.  Inside one of the bunkers we found one lonely bat taking a nap.  It looked peaceful and un-perturbed by my flashlight. Still, I apologized and retreated quickly.

It was quite a nice excursion even though we could not really get to the border.  I felt that I got to know a little more about Hong Kong and its history. 

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