Monday, April 23, 2012

Run to TaiWai (大圍) through the monkey mountain

RunKeeper is an amazing tool.  I went on a run from Hung Hom to Tai Wai this morning.  RunKeeper recorded my route using GPS and then plotted it on a map.  It also provided statistics such as the total distance, total time, time per unit distance, average speed, calories burned, etc. - great motivation to run more, harder, and varied routes. 

The only practical route from Hung Hom in Kowloon to Shatin in the New Territories is TaiPo Road (大埔公路), which runs through the gap between Golden Hill and Beacon Hill.  So that was what I took this morning.  The approximately 14 kilometer took me 2 hours.

The run was not too bad except that stretch crossing Lung Cheung Road (龍翔道).  There were a lot of flyovers, detours, and construction.  Sidewalks were obliterated by the construction, or were non-existent to begin with.  It was practically impassable.  I will not run over there again.

Beyond that, however, I was rewarded by great views over Kowloon before the gap, and then Shatin afterwards. 

There were also, of course, the monkeys, near Shek Lei Pui and Shing Mun Reservoirs (城門水塘).  The monkeys behaved as if their owned the place.  They sat in trees, on slopes, and in the middle of the road, staring straight at you, demanding food.  I heard there are more than a thousand of them over there now.  I do not particularly like monkeys.  But it is somewhat comforting to know that wild animals can still survive in Hong Kong. 

The beautiful Kowloon Reservoir was right beside Tai Po Road.   Hong Kong is an amazing place. 


YTSL said...

Hi Stephen --

Re the monkeys:I definitely believe that there are over 1,000 in Hong Kong. Have to admit that I prefer other wild animals in Hong Kong -- especially since the monkeys are not indigenous to Hong Kong -- and do get upset whenever I come across people in cars who delight in feeding them. :S

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StephenC said...

The monkeys are really everywhere and quite annoying. I was running to Shatin through Shatin Pass above Wong Tai Sin this morning and they were there. They did not threaten me but they can be aggressive, particularly when there is food around.