Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Run to Shatin through Kwun Yam Shan (觀音山)

I ran again up Shatin Pass Road (沙田坳道).  Actually, I ran from Hung Hom, through Kowloon Ting and then up Shatin Pass Road until Tsz Wan Shan.  By then, I was so exhausted and the road was so steep I walked the rest of the way up to Shatin Pass.  There were a lot of hikers there.  But few people were so foolish to try to run.  

By the way, Shatin Pass was the main route between Shatin and Kowloon before the opening of Taipo Road.  At least that’s what I was told - I was not yet born at the time.  Many people were collecting the water running from the streams along the road.  They said the water quality was good.  I did drink this kind of stream water a lot when I was a kid.  But I am not so sure about it now.  Perhaps I have gone soft, or wiser. 

But I did not go down the hiking trail from Shatin Pass (沙田坳) to Pok Hong Estate like last time.   Instead, I continued on Shatin Pass Road until I reached the junction with Kwun Ping Road.  The view from up there was even better - I had the whole Kowloon below my feet. 

Then I went down Kwun Ping Road (觀坪路), passed through Kwun Yam Shan Tuen (觀音山村), and came out at the Shatin exit of Tate’s Cairn Tunnel (大老山隧道), near Siu Lek Yuen (小瀝源).  In fact, Kwun Ping Road was right on top of Tate’ Cairn Tunnel. 

Kwun Ping Road was very quiet.  At and near Kwun Yam Shan Tuen, I encountered dogs with bad attitude - twice.  At one point I was almost stuck.  Retreating was not an option.  So I stood my ground.  But I wasn’t sure whether it was safe to proceed.  Fortunately, the dog lost interest after a while.  Neither party was harmed. 

Along the way, I picked up some beautiful acorns - the biggest that I have ever seen in Hong Kong. 

This route is tough, very tough in fact.  Shatin Pass Road is really steep and long.  I doubt whether I will ever be able to run all the way up.  But the worst part was the dogs.  Dogs running around on open but quiet roads, without leashes, muzzles or owners around - bad idea. 


Unknown said...
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chrine said...

can we go in december? i don't think i can run even 20%, but we can hike...

StephenC said...

Of curse we can. No need to run, hiking is fine. Just the view itself is worth it.