Monday, August 06, 2012

The people of Denmark

The Little Mermaid seems to be saying to us, "What are you gawking at?"  Who are we?  Bus loads of tourists, boat loads of tourists, warships, ...

There seems to be a lot of babies and children.  

Or perhaps it is simply that the people here like taking their babies and children out.  

At Hamlet's castle, we met this baby with a big rounded head, big rounded eyes, and big smiles.  Initially I thought he was a boy.  Later I was told she was probably a girl.  He/she was just so lovely.  I thought he liked me when he turned his attention to me.  It turned out he was trying to grab my camera. 

One of their heroes is, of course, Hans Christian Anderson.  And he seems to like children.  At least, the children like him. 

Other than children, bicycles are also everywhere.  It is not just the athletic types that ride bicycles.   People in suits, dresses, high heels, ... are riding them to work and everywhere.  

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Kelvin said...

Chief Supervisor, I was there and visited Søren Kierkegaard's tomb in the Assistens cemetery in Copenhagen !