Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Easter!

Some problems of the world are due to nature. Earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, and floods are out of our control.  To a large extent, so are diseases.  Ultimately and definitely, so is death.

Beyond that, we humans inflict much more suffering on ourselves and one another.  Cambodia is blessed with fertile land, abundant water, and baking sun.  It is said that one just have to throw seeds of rice into the ground at the rainy season, go to sleep for 3 months, and then come back to harvest.  The land, the rain, and the sun will do the rest.  If you take way the wars, the genocide, the corruption and the exploitation, Cambodia can be paradise on earth.

Jesus Christ died for us so that we can escape from the sin behind the suffering. It is, however, depressing - redeeming human race’s suffering with God’s suffering - and incomplete, if the story ends at that.  The ultimate suffering, death, has not been defeated.

Fortunately for us, Christ is resurrected, overcoming death Himself and freeing us from the despair of death.  A Cambodia without war, genocide, corruption and exploitation is probably not yet heaven.  But it gives us a glimpse of it.

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