Saturday, July 13, 2013

Truck Hopping - Rwandan style

We were driving along on a street busy in both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. The open-bed truck in front of us slowed to ~10 km/hr because of the heavy traffic.  A body suddenly walked out from the right hand side to the middle of the lane right in front of us, and climbed onto a moving truck (estimated speed 10 km/hr). The truck then sped up.  In a few minutes, the truck again slowed because of tthe traffic. I was not fast enough to catch that.

A few minutes later, he climbed off the bed of the truck, stepped onto the road, and walked back to the kerb.  This time my camera was ready.

I have never seen anything like that before. Amazing, isn’t it? I had heard of train-hopping.  But this is new to me.

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