Friday, August 16, 2013

Is Hong Kong losing its mind?

A primary school teacher argued with the police on the street over what she considered a case of selective enforcement - she thought the police was favoring pro-establishment protestors. In the heat of the moment, she used some cuss words.

The pro-communist press jumped on her.  Some pro-establishment types jumped on her.  That’s to be expected. 

The police jumped on her.  That’s also also expected, even though the police is supposed to be impartial in these matters.

Then the Chief Executive demanded a report from the Education Bureau. Doesn’t the Chief Executive have more serious matters to attend to, such as the reform of the electoral system?  The large number of people in poverty? The loss of competitiveness against countries such as Singapore? ...?

Then the case was handed to the police unit responsible for “serious crimes”.  Since when is cursing a serious crime? That’s scary.

Are the pro-establishment types so out of its wits in handling the attacks from the pan-democrats that they are grasping at anything they can - something as trivial as a cursing primary school teacher - as a weapon to be used against the pan-democrats?

Is Hong Kong collectively losing its mind?  When everyone is driving themselves into a frenzy, who is driving the train that is Hong Kong?  That is a worrying thought.

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