Sunday, September 15, 2013

The butt directs the brain

It has been pointed out to me that Hong Kong’s government officials “receive” salaries much higher than the people that they are supposed to serve, but in fact, rule over.  [I started out with “earn” instead of “receive” but then realized that they might not have earned that salary.]

I was actually puzzling over another, related, phenomenon.  Many of our high officials claim to have come from families with modest financial status.  In fact, two out of three Chief Executives, and many ministers like to boast of their humble beginnings.  They should have a good understanding of the plight of the poor.

In reality, however, they have demonstrated by their words and actions, that they have little real understanding, and less sympathy with the masses.  One boasted of having many rich friends who treated him with meals, trips, and all kinds of gifts; but the largesse have apparently dried up since he left office. So, it is more  likely that those were bribes for the powerful, rather than gifts for a friend, isn’t it?  Another made generous promises to fix the housing problem during the campaign for election; but have since appeared to have forgotten them.  It is so typical of politicians.

I have heard of a somewhat crass but perhaps apt saying: “The butt directs the brain.”  Presumably it means that the way one thinks (position on issues) depends on where one sits (your position).  It matters not where you came from a poor and humble, or rich and powerful background.  Once you become the establishment, you behave like establishment.  It is a sad commentary on the supposedly noble character of us humans.

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