Sunday, December 22, 2013

Unique Map of Istanbul

My wife and I are flying to Istanbul this evening for an eight-day tour.  And this morning, we received a wonderfully special Christmas gift from our daughter A.  It is a hand-drawn map of Istanbul with its major attractions.  We plan to visit, of course, those famous mosques and palaces such as Hagia Sophia, Topkapi, Sultan Ahmed (Blue Mosque), ...  We also hope to see Taksim Square, the site of so many public events in the history of Turkey: parades, celebrations, demonstrations, protests,   


YTSL said...

Have a great time in Istanbul! All those places you mentioned are very interesting indeed. I'd also recommend taking in a whirling dervish ceremony (sema) at the Galata Lodge if you have the time and opportunity!

StephenC said...

We saw a short dervish dance in Cappadocia, but not at the Galata Lodge. Yes it was quite interesting. I am quite interested in the religious meanings, in addition to the performance aspects.