Friday, March 21, 2014

Women of the Burmese Universities

One of the many things that impressed me was the numerous women in the Burmese universities.  There are so many of them, both students and teachers.  OK, I visited only 2 universities.  In both of them, the women outnumbered the men.  Even at the University of Computer Studies. In fact, most of the teachers and professors that we met were women.  

In a typical computer science department in Hong Kong, or elsewhere, the men usually outnumber the women, perhaps by a ratio of 3:1.  Here it seems to be the reverse. I did ask some of the locals.  They said one usually work with computers inside, where the women prefers to work, while the men prefers to work outside.  The same applies to education.  I don’t know whether this is the real reason.  It is certainly an interesting phenomenon. Perhaps someone will study it.

At the conference that we attended, there were more than a hundred rectors, vice rectors heads of departments, and professors.  And many of them were women, much more so than in other countries.  Amazing. 

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