Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Jogging in South Africa - sunset

I went out jogging again, this time rather late in the afternoon.  The sun was setting and I almost lost my way.  But the view was fantastic.  

For a moment, it felt like I owned the world’s best paintings.  The eastern sky was a cottony pink, white and blue.  The western sky, on the on the other hand, seems to be on fire.  

But it was, of course, just an illusion.   In a split second, all were gone and the path was impossible to follow.  Fortunately, I timed it right and I was almost back at the Spier Hotel. 

The fact that there was no one to share the view with made it incomplete.  For a moment, however, it was most enjoyable.  And it is hard not to think it was meant for us to enjoy.  

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