Saturday, December 12, 2015

Philadelphia Food Trucks

Just a sampling of the food trucks near University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.   The have Indian,


heese things,






... and a lot more.   Would they work in Hong Kong.  I doubt it, with our narrow roads, myriad parking restrictions, street-vendor-unfriendly traffic cops, …, it will be difficult for the food trucks to operate where the people are.  


YTSL said...

I patronized many food trucks when I lived in West Philadelphia years ago. My favorite food truck foods included hoagies, pretzels, kielbasas and cheesesteaks. There also was a sushi food truck that I thought was a bit suspect -- but I was pretty happy to eat food from a Korean food truck and was really happy for the people behind a Thai food truck who were so successful that they made enough money to open a restaurant in my neighborhood.

Unless the food truck trade is allowed to grow "organically", however, I can't see them doing well in Hong Kong -- where I prefer the dai pai dongs, etc. Why can't the government appreciate local things -- and allow the development of (more) dai pai dongs and hawkers rather than do stuff like try to have gourmet food trucks that are geared more towards tourists than local folks?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more to YTSL's comments. Our dai pai dongs are unique! Our government has a way of killing off wonderful local cultures which are appreciated by tourists and locals.