Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Food Divide

It is a disturbing scene that I witness every time I passed through our canteen.  Half-eaten sausages, fried eggs, toasts, …, toasts completely buttered but not eaten, …  We have so much food that a lot go straight to the garbage bin.  

Yet in another place in the world, e.g., in many villages in Rwanda, a small plate of boiled potatoes is a big meal, when they can get it.  

Our world as a whole does not necessarily lack food.  Nobody really needs to be hungry.  But some have too much while others have too little.   We may not be the cause of the problem but we all can be part of the solution.  There is no silver bullet for the problem but it is not impossible if we are willing.  

Service-Learning is one way to address the problem.  

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YTSL said...

There is too much irresponsible wastage of food by individuals and companies (including the supermarket chains) in Hong Kong, among other places.

At many eateries, the portions are just too big. It's like there's a determination to compensate for lack of quality with too much quantity -- thus encouraging people to pig out as well as waste. I, for one, wouldn't mind paying less for less quantity. Is that such a novel/bizarre idea?!