Friday, July 28, 2017

Squatting - Hong Kong Style

On the last day of last year (31 December 2016), I ran pass a mini shanty town underneath a flyover in Yaumatei, 

right behind the Yaumatei Police Station.  

It was very small compared to the one in Shumshuipo.  Nevertheless it made an interesting story.  An eviction notice was posted on one of the shacks.  It was dated 28 Dec 2016, ordering the shacks to be demolished in one month, i.e., by 27 January 2017.  

On 11 March 2017, the shanty town was still there.  In fact, it seemed to have grown. 

On 18 March, it was still there. 

On 22 April, it was still there. 

By 17 July, everything was gone.  

What happened to the squatters?  Where did they go?  What is going to happen to the one in Shumshuipo now?

Some people simply cannot afford to rent even a subdivided flat.  Neither can they qualify nor wait for public housing, the line for which is more than 3 years long.   What can they do?

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