Saturday, October 28, 2017

Flower Selling at the Traffic Light

Your car stops at the traffic light.  While you wait for the light to change, a young girl, may be 10 years old, knocks on your window, wanting to sell you a small ring or string of small flowers.  Typically jasmine or some small, white, fragrant flowers.  

Sometimes, there is a even younger child tugging at the clothes of the young girl.  You are in the middle of the road, the light will change at any minute.  There are cars on your left, on your right, in front of you and behind you.  Everyone is rearing to go, stepping on the gas as soon as the light changes.  In fact, they are going to step on it just before the light changes.  

It is dangerous for the girl, even more so for the even younger one.  Yet this scene plays out many times in Manila each day.  And in other cities in South East Asia.  It tucks at your heart.  What what can you do?  Yet if we do not do something, what does it say about us as people?

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