Thursday, February 15, 2018

Egyptian Museum

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities is a real treasure trove.  It is at the northern end of Tahir Square. 

There are, of course, mummies.  But also a worktable on which mummies are prepared.  The blood was drained. Key internal organs were taken out.  The brain was scrambled and pulled out through the nose.  

There are many human-shaped sarcophagi where the mummies are placed.  They are huge, and very heavy.  Certainly durable.  

There are many statues of Anubis, the god associated with mummification. 

Golden death masks of pharaohs.  How many pharaohs had there been?  How many golden masks had been made? 

Golden chairs belonging to pharaohs.

A beautiful chair decorated with intimate scenes with pharaoh and his queen. 

Royal games that look quite modern.  

Extremely intricate golden jewellery.  The equal of which in workmanship is rare, even today. 

Mummies of cats.  And many other animals. 

Crocodiles. Big ones and small ones.  

Jars for the mummies of animals. 

Sarcophagi for cats. 

The ancient Egyptians seemed to pay more attention to afterlife then real life.  At least, it appears that way if we consider what remains from the antiquities.  For example, many  graves and temples remain, but few palaces do.  Some said it is partially because of the relative durability of the material used. 

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