Sunday, November 13, 2022

Steam Hut, again

Today, once again, may wife and I travelled for 45 minutes to have dim sum in Tsuen Wan.  In fact, we have done that many times since Steam Hut moved from Hung Hom to Tsuen Wan. 

Why do we do that?  It is because of the good food and the people.  Today, we had a special stewed soup (燉湯) - made with chicken, “black” garlic (黑蒜), a sea snail (螺頭), and a fungus Cordyceps militaris (蟲草花).  I have heard of, but don’t know much about, its medicinal properties.  But we do find it very tasty. 

We also had my favourite dim sum - steamed ribs. 

And another favourite, sesame buns.  It has such massive, succulent, hot, molten fillings that it is difficult not to spill the fillings when you tear it open.   That makes it almost impossible to share.  

As for my wife, her favourite is anything with shrimp in it: shrimp dumpling, deep-friend spring roll with shrimp, …  So we have that too. 

We are fully satisfied.  It is definitely worth the 45 minute trip.  

We have eaten here so many times that we have gotten to know many of their staff, all good people.  Today, one of them, M, was having lunch and we saw her face for the first time. We couldn’t recognise her - without her mask.  Apparently this is quite a common occurrence these days - the mask has become so much a part of life that we have difficulty functioning without it.  

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