Tuesday, October 02, 2007


They are probably Philippino maids taking time off to relax and meet with friends - quite a common sight in Central on Sundays and holidays.

What caught my eyes were actually the juxtaposition of the ladies and the words above them – actually outside the Catholic center across the street: 來讓心靈歇歇吧!

We all need to rest and refresh our souls as well as our bodies. Too bad the ladies probably cannot read the words.


The Cat said...

Too bad they can't read the words, except that many of these ladies have strong faith and community links, and their spiritual life and health is probably much stronger than their much-more-financially-well-off employers!

StephenC said...

Yeah, my wife have observed that Philippinos seem to be happier than those from other countries such as Indonesia. Philippinos seem to be singing and dancing and being active all the time.

We wonder whether that may have something to do with most them being Catholics, and the other Spanish influences.