Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Papier mache offerings

Where can you find a shop which sells sneakers, badminton rackets, basketballs, gold and silver ingots, billions of dollars in paper money, stuffed animals, computers, stereos, mobile phones, microwave ovens, dim sum, ..., all in a 200 feet shop?

These are not real items, of course, but papier mache models to be sent to the dead in the underworld by burning.

Traditionally people burn houses, clothing, gold and silver ingots, and paper money. I remember pasting silver and gold colored foils on paper squares, and folding them into ingots. They still do that. But these are also becoming more modernized, and much more varied. It is quite an industry, and really amazing how intricate they make them. If only one can really help the dead in this manner.

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