Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tai O egret

This egret flew low over the river, dipped to catch the fish, and then landed on the edge of the boat. It actually caught the fish only by its fin, rather precariously.

One flip, the fish’s head was in its beak. Another flip, it was lined up and swallowed. Just beautiful.


Ann Wong said...

Beautiful pictures!
My school was visited by egrets a no. of years ago and they caused quite a scene and inconvenience to us. We even had to put on our embrellas each day as we walked up the road to the school and in the end, the district council built a pedestrian cover in the road leading to my school. The tree near to my school was their temporary hoome and so after helping them built their home some place else even better suited to their need, they moved. Ann

Anonymous said...

See please here

StephenC said...

Yeah, I love these pictures too. I have seen egrets swooping over water many many times. But I have never been able to snap a picture of one catching something, until now.

Having egrets around sounds like fun - from a distance.

I remember a big tree visible from the platform of the TaiPo train station with lots of egrets on it, several years ago. I wonder if they are still there.