Sunday, May 25, 2008

Earthquake - who needs rescue more?

This is a photo of another town in the mountains somewhere in northern Sichuan or southern Shaansi, taken in April before the earthquake. Perhaps it was not hit by the earthquake, but it was in the general area, with similar terrain. Roads can easily be blocked by landslides in an earthquake.

The plight of those who died or were hurt in the earthquake moved the whole nation. In the beginning there was a frantic rush to rescue as many as possible. Now the focus is shifting to those who are living. Landslides blocked many rivers, creating lakes which are now threatening to burst and flood the towns downstream. Rotting corpses have poisoned the water and created health hazards. Many children are left without parents and families. A lot of people of all ages have serious wounds. A huge number have lost their homes.

Many who died or otherwise suffered have demonstrated noble spirits. Many of the living, on the other hand, have exhibited the ugly side of us humans. There are those in Hong Kong and China who were annoyed by the efforts to raise funds to help and to remember those who suffered. Worse, there are people who rob the trucks carrying supplies to the disaster areas, officials who pocket the supplies, fund raisers who pocket the donations, and more. Evidences of spiritual corruption is not limited to these, of course. These are simply some of the more obvious, recognizable symptoms.

Who needs rescue more? Many of those who died have noble spirits and may be in heaven already. On the other hand, many of the living are perhaps in greater danger of going to hell.

Jesus came to heal the sick. He does care about our physical afflictions, and heals many of the sick. But he cares more about our spiritual ailments. He wants to forgive our sins and to reconcile us to him. But we have to acknowledge our sins and recognize him as God. Then he can rescue us from our spiritual malaise. If only we are willing. Those who are saved from physical death and suffering will still suffer and die. Only those whose spirits have been rescued are truly saved.


Anonymous said...

While I am thinking about and feeling for our brothers and sisters of Sichuan, my heart is also with the people of Burma whose government is "more concerned with keeping foreigners out then allowing aid in. While the people of Sichuan have our Chinese Government, the many HK and Taiwan Chinese people giving them the financial, medical, and moral support, where do the Burmese people get help? Is God their only saviour? Ann

StephenC said...

I don't know the answer. The UN is trying hard, and today there seems to be some hope in the news. But I agree there is a huge sense of helplessness all around.