Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It was said that Edison Chan, the main character in the saga of racy Internet photos back in February, has become a Christian. When it was first reported in a gossip magazine about a week ago, I was sceptical. When Pastor Jaeson Ma confirmed it on his web site, I had to believe it.

There are people who are still sceptical. Perhaps this is just a ploy to rehabilitate his image, they say. Only he himself and God know the truth, I guess.

I didn’t have a very good impression of this young man. But I remember praying back then that someone might be able to approach him and tell him there is a way out of that mess. I remember saying how wonderful it would be that he would turn to God in that terrible moment in his life. I remember thinking it would not be impossible but how unlikely it was. I was of little faith. God has converted much worse sinners before.

I pray that he will truly put his trust in God.

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