Sunday, November 09, 2008

Fishing with Chocolate

I noticed this man waving a net on a long pole on the TsimShaTsui Promenade Saturday morning. It turned out he was fishing. He threw a ball of bread into the water, and waited. When the fish bite, he simply scooped them up with the net.

It was surprisingly effective. Every minute or two he brought the net up, with one to four rabbitfish (泥鯭) in it, each about 4 inches long. He does not actually eat them. Instead, he feeds them to his cat. So somewhere in the city is a happy cat eating really fresh fish. The water smells pretty bad, perhaps from the sewage emptying into the harbour. So it is probably not a good idea to eat the fish caught there.

The ball of bread was tied to the pole through a string so he won’t lose it. He said his secret was chocolate - a piece of chocolate was inserted into the ball of bread to attract the fish, something I have never heard of.

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