Saturday, November 01, 2008

An Honest Grocer

I bought $50 worth of grapes, persimmons, and nectarines this morning. After fishing out the messy bunch of bills in my pocket (I just finished jogging for an hour), I realized I did not have enough small bills to pay for the fruits. So I ended up paying with a “red snapper”, a $100 bill.

After stuffing all the bills back into the small pocket in my running shorts, I turned to leave. I had already gotten 20 feet away from the store when I was called back. It turned out I had forgotten to wait for the change, while busy picking up the fruit and re-pocketing the bills. So there are still some honest people around. I should come back to this store more.

This lady grocer somehow reminded me of all those dishonest insurance agents, minibond sellers, high finance shakers and movers who are in the news so much these days. And a paper by Kaynama, King & Smith in the Journal of Business Ethics, in which they found that undergraduate students tend to be more ethical than MBA (Master of Business Administration) students.

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