Thursday, January 08, 2009

Egret (One or Two?)

On our way to TaiMeiTuk in the morning, we saw an egret patiently waiting for its catch at the mouth of the Lam Tuen River at Taipo. The photograph was taken from the West, looking East. Note that the sun was behind the egret, in the East.

On our way back, four hours later, the egret was again perched there. The sun was then in the West, behind us. But the egret didn’t seem to have moved. Was it possible?

We suspected it might have been a decoy - how can an egret perch in the same place for 4 hours? Upon closer scrutiny of the photographs, however, I can confirm that its posture was slightly different from one photograph to another. Perhaps it wasn’t even the same egret on the way back? But it was hard to tell, from some 50 meters away. For me, it will remain an unresolved mystery.

Just some of the small pleasures of life. And they are free. I hope you like them.

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