Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rebuilding Lives with The Gospel

On that obscure hillside outside the city of Huizhou, something quite remarkable is going on. What is happening there is that many broken lives are being rebuilt. They don’t have much. No piped water, no entertainment, no Internet, very little money. But they have hope.

Essentially given up by the society, they have nowhere to go to. But here they found hope. They found people who are willing to help them. Why would the pastor and his team be willing to give up comfortable city living to come here to take care of them? To build the houses, to grow the vegetables, to plant the fruit trees, ... And most importantly, to patiently teach them the Bible, to pray for them and with them, to endure the resistance and even rejection, to risk the wrath of some of those in power? The only answer is the love of God.

And it has proven to be remarkably effective. Such information for China is difficult to obtain. But Hong Kong is an open book. The Hong Kong government’s own reports list numerous Christian non-government organizations offering voluntary drug treatment and rehabilitation services: Barnabas Charitable Service Association, Caritas Wong Yiu Nam Center, Christian New Being Fellowship, Christian New Life Association, Christian Zheng Sheng Association, Drug Addict Counselling and Rehabilitation Services, Finish Evangelical Lutheran Mission - Ling Oi Center, Glorious Praise Fellowship, HK Christian Service Jockey Club Lodge of the Rising Sun, Mission Ark - Christian New Life Association, Operation Dawn, Remar Association HK, St. Stephen’s Society, Wu Oi Christian Center, ... I have always known that they exist; but I did not realize that there are so many of them!

And they are highly effective. In one case, the detoxification rate was listed as 93% while the rehabilitation rate was 74%.

That’s the reason why such work is slowly being allowed to happen in mainland China. It is hard and risky work. The people who carry out such work do not get a lot of recognition, and certainly little or no monetary reward. But God will surely reward them Himself. And that’s better than anything man can possibly give.

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