Sunday, April 12, 2009

Remembering Christ

Yesterday, the day that Jesus died for us on the cross two thousand years ago, I happened to be visiting my eldest daughter at her university. So we went to church in the evening, together with a big bunch of her friends from the Inter-Varsity Campus Fellowship.

The pastor told the story of Jesus’ Last Super, arrest, interrogation, carrying of the cross, and death on the cross, one scene at a time. In between each scene, different people came forward to lead the congregation to sing. At the end of each song, a candle was extinguished. After the last scene, in which Jesus died on the cross, all lights were extinguished. The congregation prayed, and left at their own time, in almost complete darkness and silence. It was a simple service, but very touching.

A lot of things went through my mind on this trip, and I found myself unusually emotional. The special service reminded me of what Jesus did for me, my loved ones, and everyone else, and helped to settle me down.


Anonymous said...

The disciples were scared and dispersed after Jesus died. They did not expect the miracle of Jesus' resurrection, though Jesus mentioned it numerous times before He went to the cross.

Then they were totally transformed when they saw the risen Christ.

Jesus is alive today. We Christians too often forget He still works. We often forget the miracles in our own lives.

I worry way too much; living as if Jesus doesn't care about my burdens... Easter is the time to remember and thank God for the greatest miracle of all.

One miracle today: one of my students walked up during service to accept Jesus!

StephenC said...

God is worthy of our trust. We are often the ones who do not have enough faith. I am happy for you and your student.

Anonymous said...

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