Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Sunset above the clouds

I have not been able to blog for several days because of a long flight to Boston to attend a conference. The flight was very tiring but I was somewhat rewarded by some very dramatic views. I was seated in the aisle so I had to sneak off to the rear of the plane to look out the tiny window.

But it was worth it. For a few moments, the sun painted a corner of the sky brilliantly golden. - it was so bright that it almost seemed like the sky was melting. And suddenly, it was all over.

Looking down through the clouds, the lights of the cities were getting brighter, hinting at the busy human lives therein. In the vastness of the earth, each human life is but a tiny invisible speck.

Yet within the short live span, each of us fights against each other to be the “best” - fastest, richest, smartest, most powerful, most successful, ... If one has to be a winner to be a success in life, and there is but one winner in any competition. then 99.99...% of us are condemned to be losers. In this case, this world is really an extremely cruel place, and “competition” is a dirty word. Rather than treating life as a competition in which we fight against each other, I feel there has to be a better way for us to live.

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