Monday, April 26, 2010

Noah’s Ark found in Turkey?

It was reported in local (Hong Kong) newspapers today that a team of Hong Kong evangelists and cameramen, plus some other persons from Turkey and elsewhere, went on an expedition on Mount Ararat in Turkey last October. They claimed to have discovered and gone inside some large wooden structures. They brought back some specimen of wood, and video footages.

About a month ago, I attended a gathering organized by the team, watched a video of the expedition, and listened to them. The video showed the team walking up a mountain, and venturing inside wooden structures partially encased in ice.

They said the wooden structure was found at a location 4,000 meters above sea level, where no humans live. The surroundings did look deserted. They also claimed that a wooden specimen that they brought back was found to be 4,800 years old.

It seems pretty sure that they found some large wooden structures high up there on Mount Ararat in Turkey, where many people believe Noah’s Ark rested. Have they discovered Noah’s Ark? I don’t know.

Note: So far, it seems the only overseas newspaper that have picked up the story is an online newspaper based in South Africa.


Chris said...

that's a different group/location from the media evangelism group a few years ago?

StephenC said...

The same group but a slightly different location. They said the previous location was no longer accessible. But they found others.