Monday, April 05, 2010

Real Estate Developers and their Cronies

“Are you here to see the model homes?”
“Would you like to see some model homes?”
“Please come to see the model homes.”
“Come on. Just take the pamphlet.”
“Take it.”
“This is a new estate. Very desirable. Come and take a look.”

While one real estate developer is tearing down a whole fishing village in Ma Wan Island, another is trying to create a buying frenzy for a new housing estate in the New Territories - which is being touted as the center of Hong Kong.

Walking from the train station in Hung Hom to the plaza directly opposite - less than 100 meters away - I was approached by no less than 15 real estate agents, beseeching me to visit the showrooms. Some were thrusting pamphlets into your hands, others were blocking your way and refusing to let you go until you agree to let them take you to the showrooms.

This is a nuisance, bordering on harassment. The government does nothing to stop them, however. Yet when a lone ice-cream vendor tried to sell ice-cream from a cart near the Tsim Sha Tsui Ferry, he was prosecuted. Where is the justice in this behaviour of our government?

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