Monday, August 30, 2010

Viennese Puppeteer

Watching this young man’s puppet performances was the highlight of my stay in Vienna.  He has an opera singer, a pianist, a saxophone player, and a guitarist.  All with wonderfully matching music.  I made a number of videos of his performances but the files are much too big to upload here. 

The young man is actually a college student from Macedonia.  His father made the puppets and his uncle used to perform with the puppets.  His uncle is getting old, so he is taking his uncle’s place.   In the good summer months, he can earn a fair amount of euros.  When the summer is over, he returns to his engineering studies in Macedonia.  In Vienna, he can earn several times his expected salary in Macedonia.  But he prefers to stay at home. 

Macedonia is, of course, also the home of Alexander the Great, who conquered much of the world (known to Europeans then) from Macedonia.  I would love to visit there.  But there is probably very little trace of him left over there. 

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