Saturday, August 07, 2010


My family is currently on a 10 day trip through 5 Eastern European countries.  First stop, Poland.  Here in the rebuilt old town of Warsaw, there is this mobile sausage stand.  Most of Warsaw were destroyed in the Second World War.  These buildings were rebuilt based on old photographs and blue prints, we were told.  So they are really less than a century old.  The sausages this man is selling are real Polish sausages, I hope.

Two poor horses were pulling a double-decker carriage.  Poor horses. 

The new old town is a great place for building and people watching. 

And pigeon-watching, for this cat. 

These two police women look like university students.  Yet they are carrying mean looking batons and real guns, I presume.

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Chris said...

i think you should have a special tag for all your posts with photos of cats. they always look funny. =)