Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Friends or foes?

There was an ironic photograph in the newspapers today.  The President of China shaking hands with the richest man in Hong Kong.  The biggest Communist was shaking hands with the biggest Capitalist.  What is going on?

Aren’t the Communists dedicated to overthrowing the Capitalists?  That was still the case when I last read the Communist Manifesto - just a few minutes ago.  Don’t the Capitalists hate the Communists for trying to overthrow the Capitalist system?  Why is the biggest Communist praising the biggest Capitalist instead?  Why is the biggest Capitalist saying he is proud of the achievements of a Communist country? 

Perhaps the biggest Communist is secretly a Capitalist after all?  Perhaps there are no real Communists anymore? 

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Anonymous said...

The perennial manifestation of "money talks".