Friday, September 03, 2010

Hong Kong from the Air

When we were flying back to Hong Kong from Europe, our airplane was flying towards Hong Kong from the West.   But our plane had to land on the runway from the East.  So our plane had to make an almost complete circle around Hong Kong, giving us a spetacular view of much of Hong Kong. 

We passed by Macau, Shek Pik Reservoir on Lantau, CyberPort, Ocean Park in Aberdeen, Repulse Bay, the Victoria Harbour, ShauKiWan Typhoon Shelter, Polytechnic University, old Kaitak Airport, Shing Num River, Shatin, Noah’s Ark Theme Park on Ma Wan, ..., and many other interesting sights.   We are indeed privileged to live in such a beautiful place. 

Here is a little geography test.  Can you identify all of them from the photographs?


Wangtzh said...

haha only recognized macau, victoria harbor, ocean park and old aitak eaisly and hard for polyu :p

StephenC said...

Well, you may wish to walk around Hong Kong more often. Or stare at maps. :-)

Actually that is not too bad. It is much harder looking at it from the air.

Hope you enjoy it.

lam said...

Last time when i have a trip...i have taken these kinds of photos too...haha...i saw my home in the photo :P... xxxlcm