Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Lies and Liars - Nationalist Education

The Hong Kong government realized that the Hong Kong people do not have a favourable view of the Communist government on the mainland.   It decided to create a new subject to compel students to study nationalist education, to promote a more positive image of the mainland.  It then gave more than 10 million dollars to a number of pro-Communist organizations to produce teaching material blatantly biased in favour of the Communist government. 

When these material were distributed to the schools, it caused an uproar among teachers and citizens.  Even the newly minted minister of education was forced to admit that the material were biased and not suitable.  He was applauded by some, cautiously, for taking a courageous stand for truth.

It turned out, of course, that optimism was misplaced.  The powerful and well-connected pro-Communist machines fought back and criticized the minister.  The minister realized that, even though he was the minister, he was not free to speak the truth.  By standing on the side of truth, he was offending the ones who hold political power.  He retreated hastily, saying that such material is OK.  He is also much cooler towards the students who want to discuss the matter with him openly.

It is extremely repugnant and distressing that my tax money is now being used to indoctrinate my own children, with false views that I do not hold, by a bunch of people who are otherwise unqualified except for where they stand - on the side of the powerful establishment.

But we should not be surprised to see this happening. 

I believe it was Chris, Patten, the last governor of Hong Kong, who said something to this effect: It is not the Communist on the mainland who will destroy freedom in Hong Kong.  It is those people in Hong Kong, who will try to curry favour from the mainland, who will be damaging the freedom in Hong Kong.  This is exactly what has been happening in Hong Kong since 1997.  And it is still playing out in front of our eyes. 

I have not been able to verify this.  Apologies to Chris Patten if I remember wrongly. 

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