Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Life at Kampong Kleang

In dry season, people here live highly - the houses sit very high above the ground.  For many houses, one has to climb two flights of stairs to reach the house - this girl is on the second flight and almost home.

For people like me who has vertigo, it is quite a challenge.  Climbing up the first time was a bit scary.  Fortunately, I got used to it quickly.

Once you get up there, however, the view is quite nice, particularly if you get to sway in a hammock, with a fan in your hands.  There is no electricity, so there are no electric fans.  Of course, there is no air conditioning.

There is also no running water.  People pump water from the muddy pools for washing.   I forgot to ask where they got the water for cooking and drinking.  I brought my own water that day.


Michael LOK said...

It seems you are comfortable on the hammock... ^^

StephenC said...

Yeah. I was slightly apprehensive in the beginning. But I learned quickly. :-)