Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Faith against injustice

What does God want from us?  Repeatedly, God says: “Do not exploit the poor.” “Do not oppress the widow or the fatherless, the alien or the poor.” “Let true justice prevail.” “Let justice roll on like a river, righteous like a never-failing stream.”  Then, why are we so unwilling to speak against injustice, and to stand with the poor? 

Jesus himself heals the sick, opens the eyes of the blind, and raises the dead.  He always stands with the weak and the poor.  He does all these while he preaches the Gospel of Heaven.  No one can accuse Jesus of caring only about the physical well being of His people. Nor does He care only about the soul.  He cares about the whole person, body and spirit.  Yet, very often, we seem to care only about how many people are in church, and the well being of the people in our church.    As if it is somehow not spiritual to be concerned about the physical well-being of the weak, the poor and the oppressed.

And when the rich and powerful are in our church, that makes it that much harder to stand with the poor and oppressed, against the rich and powerful.  It is not always a blessing that a church becomes too prosperous, rich and powerful. 

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Julianito Joseph Masna said...

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