Saturday, January 12, 2013

Faith should be encompassing

There is something wrong when many Christians focus their opposition exclusively on homosexuality.  It is just one of the long list of things that God does not agree with, which include also adultery, idolatry, murder, cheating, exploitation, envy, selfishness, injustice and a myriad other things. Why should people seem to speak publicly against  one thing only, and remain silent about all others? 

Why are many people so reluctant to speak against the imprisonment of Liu Xiaobo? the murder of Li Wangyang? the massacre of June 4? the exploitation of the poor by the rich right here in Hong Kong, and elsewhere? the dishonesty in government? the domination in the legislature by the rich and powerful?  the refusal to treat the refugees and asylum seekers better?  the discrimination against the ethnic minorities?  Instead, all we hear is that we should comply with the government’s rule, as if the government can do no wrong.  And even if the government is wrong, it is still wrong for us to speak against it.  I do not think that is what God wants us to do. 


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Yeah. Let us live in faith, as it was intended.