Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lab in Suitcase (improved) in Cambodia

Last year, we developed and brought a “Lab in a Suitcase” to Cambodia. It is basically a small file server linked to a wireless router, with an e-library - a bunch of e-books - loaded into the server.  Using a smartphone, students can access the e-books and enjoy a lot of the benefits of Internet technology without actually being connected to the Internet. 

This year we enhance the e-library with a lot more teaching materials such as animations, games, videos, etc.  We used “Lab 2” at San Sok Primary School to support the running of mathematics and science workshops, which also make use of e-microscopes.  

We also deployed the e-library at Emmanuel Community Primary School.  Since they have electrical supply, some old computers, and Internet access, they do not really need the Lab in a Suitcase.  

Prior to installing the e-library, we fixed several of their desktop computers,  which were really dusty and in bad shape.  We also donated 3 laptops, and fixed their network.  While running a workshop for their students, we also training some of their teachers.  The operator of the school, Pastor Bien, was very happy with the result.  Hopefully, the improved network and the e-library of resources can make the students’ learning more enjoyable and effective. 

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