Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Multi-discipline Service-Learning in Cambodia

This year we brought a big contingent. Actually 5 different teams.  An IT team of 40 students teaching mathematics, science and IT, using our “(Computer) Lab in Suitcase”. It includes a microscope attached to an iPAD that we designed and built ourselves using 3D printing techniques.  A hotel and tourism team with 20 students helping a social enterprise guest house improve its operations.  An optometry team with 13 students doing eye examinations.  A student-initiated team of 10 students doing heath promotion in the slum. A staff development team of 3 participants.  These 86 students and staff are supported by 12 staff members from our Office of Service Learning and 4 other departments.  Later our president is coming to visit the students with 4 other staff members.  That pushes the contingent to over 100 people. 

In addition to that, we are joined by ~40 local community college and university students, who are our partners and interpreters.  

Our services will be carried out at 2 primary schools, a village and a slum in San Sok, the House of Rainbow Bridge orphanage/hospital for children with HIV in the city, Emmanuel Primary School near the garbage dump in Stung Meanchey, the orphanage HappyLand out near the airport, and a guesthouse near Russian Market.  

It is an amazing undertaking.  We went through several days of orientation, cultural training, and final preparations last week.  We have just completed the second day of the services.  Even now, we can scarcely believe that we have pulled it off.  

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