Monday, November 17, 2014

Occupy Admiralty - New Thinking?

The crowd at Admiralty does not seem any smaller.  

They remain very passionate, hardworking, and creative.  

I believe most people in Hong Kong agree with what they demand - more open elections and more democracy.  

However, more and more people seem also to feel that continuing in this way will not achieve the goal, at least not at the moment.  

I think we the Hong Kong people have demonstrated our desire for democracy, our will to maintain discipline and our ability to remain peaceful in front of overwhelming and unreasonable power.   

At this point, it may be more productive to seek other ways forward.  Perhaps it is worth considering whether there is some way to open up the system of functional constituencies, to achieve a more open election?  Perhaps some smaller constituencies should not have too many votes?  Perhaps persons who own multiple companies should not have multiple votes?  Perhaps it should not just be company owners, but employees also, who can vote?  ...

Perhaps there are more ways to achieve open elections and democracy?

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